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Coach your customers the way you want

Online courses have granted me and my customers freedom to teach and learn in a pace that suits each one the best.

— Katri Syvärinen, wellness coach

Increase your sales 100%

Already half of our website's revenue comes from online courses

— Sanna Wikström, Hidastaelamaa.fi

More than 220.000 people have used Campwire

My clientele has grown significantly and I'm receiving a lot of questions about both my courses and my work as a therapist.

— Mervi Bergström
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Online courses

Create great looking online courses and set up sales faster than ever.

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Start selling your eBook in minutes.

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Joni Jaakkola

We've been coaching huge numbers of people by using Campwire. It's fair to say that the guys from Campwire have created a platform that works like a charm for both the coaches and the clients.

Intuitive, simple and easy to use. Our whole coaching team is extremely happy with our choice..

Easily convert your expertise into beautiful products using Campwire

Campwire is full of point-and-click features that help you create online courses and other learning material fast. Everything works smoothly on phones, tablets and desktops.

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Course creation
and design tools

Build your course or eBook with just a few clicks. Campwire makes sure you'll end up with a professional looking product — without design or technical skills.


Save yourself the trouble. Campwire creates a ready-to-use and stylish sales page for your customers.


Built to adapt to your customers' lifestyle. Phone, tablet, desktop – no problem.

Sanna Wikström

Our online course clients think that Campwire is beautiful and fun to interact with. Sense of community is touching. For a course creator Campwire is simple to use and technical support has been outstanding whenever we've had questions.

When you choose Campwire
you don't have to

  • Worry about technical details
  • Hire a coder
  • Hire a graphic designer
  • Spend your time sending invoices and tracking their payment

When you choose Campwire
you can concentrate on

  • Helping your customers
  • Creating premium content
  • Enjoying a more flexible schedule
  • Duplicating your expertise
Katri Syvärinen

Previously my coaching meetings were locked on my calendar. Evenings and weekends were usually spent on training and I had to drive all over the country.

Now I don't have to travel around because of my work and I can schedule my days the way I want. Online courses have made it possible to be time and location independent, both for me and my clients.

Who is using Campwire?

People around the world are using Campwire to expand their possibility to reach and help more people — and to earn more with their expertise.

Campwire is a great choice for

  • Trainers, who need a service to boost their business
  • Teachers, who want to automate their daily work
  • Speakers, who want to multiply their income
  • Consultants, who want to escape the trap of hourly billing
  • Writers, who want to go digital
  • Coaches, who want more free time
  • Bloggers, who already have a community that they wish to sell to
  • Experts, who seek for a larger audience online
  • Training houses, who want to expand to new territories
  • Speaker communities — a natural extension for live-performances!
  • International organizations, who have clients spread around the globe
  • Companies, who continuously train their personnel, sales or clients

…and to countless others. There are plenty of opportunities in the expanded digital business.

And now You can harness the possibilities of the internet and reach out to a great number of people!

Here's how to start

your course
Listen to the feedback of happy customers
Ollis Leppänen

With our previous system we had to constantly act as technical support for our clients. Since we started using Campwire platform, all the complaints dropped to zero. I highly recommend!

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